Meet the BAD BAG

meet the bad bags

You can buy love! Adventurers everywhere love the benefits of the Best American Duffel. Serious travelers have known for decades that soft luggage holds up better under punishing conditions. Fourteen years ago, we founded Best American Duffel and made our first BAD BAGS, determined to explore that idea to the limit-and to manufacture our products right here in Seattle, USA.

BAD BAGS are constructed from 1,000-denier CORDURA®, a nylon fabric that despite its brushed-cotton appearance has been generously coated with urethane and DWR (durable water-repellent finish) for abrasion- and water-resistance. Every BAD BAG is double-stitched and seam-taped to resist pressure, both internal (your overstuffed load) or external (beefy baggage handlers).

But we don't stop there. We go to extremes. Because you do too. For example, we wrap each bag with seat-belt webbing-the same two-inch, 6,000-pound break-strength nylon that can save your life in an auto accident. This ensures longevity, strength, and uniform weight distribution.

We cross-stitch and box-stitch all handles and stress points for extreme durability. A wide, soft leather grip with a snap closure pulls the two main handles together and provides all-weather performance wet or dry. The wide clip-on strap is nicely padded-it coddles, rather than gouges, your shoulders.

We could go on and on.and we do, on the Anatomy page, if you want to hear more. OUTSIDE magazine says that "no duffel bag is better made than a BAD (Best American Duffel) bag." But isn't a duffel bag just a duffel bag? What's the big deal?

Tough Customers

Ask some of our customers. Like Will Steger, who used BAD BAGS for the 1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition. "After seven months, 3,741 miles on foot, up to 100 mph winds and windchills of -110┬░ F, BAD BAGS proved their durability and adaptability," he wrote.

Or ask M. Peter Rogers, who returned from a trip to Nepal and reported: "We trekked for over three weeks in the Himalayas and out of nine duffel bags on the trip, the BAD BAG was the only one to survive three weeks on a yak without a rip or broken zipper."

The Himalayas? Antarctica? Brr. But if the BAD BAG can survive a trip like that with flying colors (of which there are six options, we might add), then it will laugh off the usual beating it receives from the rest of us: being shoved into lockers, roughed up by customs officials and baggage handlers, stuffed into trunks, dragged over the trail, or left in the rain.

Just Your Size

BAD BAGS come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Our flagship duffel, the #4, is our original bag, with enough capacity (4,200 cubic inches) for five- to ten-day excursions. Slightly smaller, the #3 is the popular weekend duffel that conforms to the airlines' maximum carry-on luggage size. Serious travelers on trips of two to four weeks favor the #5 and #8 (5,200 and 7,800 cubic inches, respectively). And if you just want a sturdy gym bag, the versatile #1.5 features an inside pocket on the bottom of the duffel with a drawstring closure to segregate shoes or funky items.

Guaranteed for Life

BAD BAGS are guaranteed for life - a long, rugged, adventurous life. That's how confident we are in our duffels. Should a BAD BAG fail due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it-no questions asked.

Other companies sell duffel bags that give up the fight after a few years, but BAD BAGS last for decades in the harshest conditions. You can visit our Testimonials page for amazing stories from our customers who love their BAD BAGS. Buy a BAD BAG and treat it rough. You'll want to testify, too.

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