Transitioning to new zipper pulls

After nearly thirty years we have been forced to switch zipper pulls because YKK decided to quit making our beloved rectangular pulls. Without forwarning and the ability to stock up we had to scramble to find a new pull. With lead times at 8-12 weeks due to supply constraints we are using a traditional style pull while we await shipment of new pulls that have locking capability.

 So, while we transition to the new, locking pulls, we will have some duffels with the old, rectangular pulls and some with the more common teardrop pull. 

 Currently, the #3 BP and #3 SP have the teardrop zipper pulls. While they are still lockable they don't have the dedicated lock feature built in.

 We appreciate your understanding and feel free to contact us if you have questions about which duffels have which zipper pulls.

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