Sounds daunting and, kind of difficult but we pushed on. With years of experience in the outdoor industry, we knew what materials worked and, what design changes needed to happen. A flat bottom, clam shell zipper opening, multiple carry handles, wrap around compression straps, burly materials. This was mission critical. Luckily, we had the perfect venue to test our new duffel bags: the 1990 Transantarctic Expedition led by veteran Arctic explorer Will Steger.

Steger chose BAD BAGS for his 1990 International Trans-antarctic Expedition, knowing that in such extreme conditions, a blown zipper or a tear in the fabric could result in disaster. There was no room for error, but in all his years of using BAD BAGS, Steger has never once had a failure of any kind.

“I can’t say enough about BAD BAGS. They’ve served us so well for nearly thirty years, and they still haven’t worn out. The quality is superior. The workmanship—superb.” Will Steger

Our duffels stood up to all the abuse that Will Steger, his team and, the weather could inflict and that's why we continue to make them with the same quality and attention to detail as we did when we started. They’re still the bags we want to use, and the same goes for our good friend Will.