Following are some testimonials (authentic!!) that we have received. Every time we get a letter or e-mail like this it makes us proud of our commitment to quality. We may be small but we try to do it right and, these letters are the payoff.

Jim Peck



As I write this I am looking at what has come to feel like an old friend. My BAD BAG is in a rare empty condition. It looks a bit lonely as opposed to me, who probably looks like I'm enjoying the rest. After nearly a year and a half on the road I am gearing up for a six week trip on the rails of Australia and New Zealand. Of course, my BAD BAG will not be lonely then.

I just wanted to drop you a few lines from the front lines of travel to tell you how happy I am with your product. It has survived rough customs in various parts of Mexico, ground crews across the US and, suspicious looks and surprise searches by Cuban officials. It has been tossed into, thrown out of and actually dragged by trains. And it still looks great! Except for it's expression of loneliness now that it's home.

Thanks for my duffel!

Edward Colburn



I bought a #4 from you earlier this year and, I have never had a duffel that even comes close to it. I've been a military helicopter pilot for 30 years now and an avid sailor for over 45 years and I am hard on my gear.

I'm not sure you can hurt this duffel. Baggage handlers in the military make the airlines look good and, on the sailboat the duffels get thrown from one end of the boat to the other then, stuffed away--no damage- anywhere.

Wish I would have had this duffel years ago, I would have saved tons of money. Great product!

Thank you again, you have been a wonderful company to deal with,


Customer, Maine

Glad to see that you are still around! You should be because you make the BEST duffels that I have ever seen or used. I have a large bag that I bought when you were featured in Outside Magazine a few years ago. I was just web surfing and thought I'd see if you were still around. I'm ordering a weekend bag tonight.

Rhett & Martha L.



Just returned from a wedding trek in Santa Fe, 3400 miles. Original #4 BAD & Baby BAD arrived in time to make the trip more organized & trouble-free.

Carrying hang-up clothes for a 2 week journey, including THE dress, meant unpacking the car minimally at each hotel. Your BAD BAGS made that possible. With travel clothes in the #4 BAD & toiletries in the Baby BAD #1.5 loading and unloading gear was a cinch.


John C.

Photographer, NYC


Malcolm, It's a sad thing indeed when you get attached to a duffel bag -- but after 500,000 miles of land, sea, and air travel my original B.A.D bag is still going strong.

I've overloaded it in the extreme, driven over it with a truck, and slept on it. It's not out of place in a five star hotel or the rainforest. It simply gets the job done without fail. Thanks for making such an outstanding product.

Robert Earle Howells



Soft luggage is the way to go: Bags made from 1,000-denier CORDURA® or ballistics nylon are lightweight, amazingly abrasion-resistant, overstuffable, and easy to store back home.

Look for taped seams and reinforced stitching on the handles and straps. Nothing's more versatile than a simple duffel bag, and none is better made than a BAD (Best American Duffel) bag.

M. Peter Rogers


Dear Malcolm,

I returned from a trip to Nepal in November. We trekked for over three weeks in the Himalayas and out of nine duffel bags on the trip, the BAD BAGS was the only one to survive three weeks on a yak without a rip or broken zipper.
I have since purchased another BAD duffel for a friend I met in Nepal and we will take them to Africa next year.
Thank you

George Bastedo

Photographer, NYC


I just received my order for two #3 duffel bags and felt compelled to send a short letter of thanks. For just being duffel bags they are perhaps the most satisfying purchase I have ever made. For being an item as basic as they are, their design, features, and quality of construction are unsurpassed. Thank you for making the Best American Duffel.

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine


The attention to details of construction is unrivaled. Simply and usefully designed and impeccably made, this is serious gear.

Backpacker Magazine


BAD BAGS shrug off the gear-shredding efforts of airline baggage handlers.

Will Steger

1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition

After 7 months, 3,741 miles on foot, up to 100 mph winds and wind chills of -110o F, BAD BAGS proved their durability and adaptability.