The People Have Spoken - BAD BAG Testimonials

When you call yourself Best American Duffel, it sets the bar pretty high. But for the past three decades, we like to think we've been doing our best to live up to that lofty name. 

Of course, the only opinion that really matters is that of YOU, our loyal customers. So instead of listening to us tout our duffel's durable features like seat belt webbing and box stitched handles, or the no-rust hardware and locking zippers used on every duffel, we'll just let our customers do the talking for us.  

Lifelong Durability

"Greetings BAD, Just a quick, heartfelt note of thanks for building my No. 3 and Micro like anvils. We’ve covered about 330,000 miles together through many countries and the duffels never let me down. Please continue to use only the best construction methods and we’ll be friends for life." - Steve

"I have been using your stuff for 20 years. My original bag has been all around the world and looks like the last one I bought. The only difference is the old one is so soft and works well as a pillow when needed!" - John

"I ordered a BAD BAG and headed off to the Russian Far East. 27 years later, my BAD No. 3 is in prime conditiondespite the years of wear and tear I required of this essential piece of gear. No issues with any of the hardware, straps, cinches or zippers. This bag delivers on all counts and because I got the black bag, it looks as good as new. There are few products out there that could withstand so many years of hard travel with out some catastrophic failure. Got one for my daughter and just ordered two No. 3 backpack duffels for a month long trip in Europe with her. Having the weight centered should be a big plus for our walkabouts. Be warned, if you buy one, it's for life!” - Mark

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Made in the USA

"I’ve owned my No. 5 for five years and it still looks brand new! I also have a No. 1.5 and love it as well. You can’t go wrong. It’s an American company making the bags in Seattle and putting hard working Americans to work! I work EMS and have carried my bags in and out of stations, vehicles, mud and on countless trips. You just can’t beat the quality." - Taylor

"We received the BAD BAG today and are very happy with the quality. The fact that it is made in the USA is what made us pick your company, and we are proud to see that you have produced a superior product for a reasonable price.  Keep up the good work!" - Wendy

Extreme Versatility

"I bought several of the various size duffles, a small toiletry bag, and a rolling suitcase about four years ago. I have traveled with a family of four and stomped, beaten, overstuffed, strained, and slept on my bags and to this day, they look good as new, with not a wear spot, tear, broken zipper, not a ONE! I use one of the smaller bags every day and I couldn't do without it. My wife wanted a name brand "fashionable design" set of luggage, so I bought her another set. They quickly wore out and now she wants to borrow mine!!" - Chris

"I've had three of your bags since 1994/95, used for mule pack trips, scuba gear, work trips and five days a week to the gym. Have yet to have a zipper, seam or handle fail. The bags have not even faded after all this and numerous washings. Great Bags!" - Rick

"10/10, would recommend. This is the best made thing that I own. I have traveled 200+ days a year for about two years with the No. 3 as my core luggage piece. It is nearly always at its max capacity, and frequently travels unsecured with heavy equipment cases ending up on top of it. The bag still looks brand new, and has in fact outlived several colleagues' suitcases in its time. Looking forward to using it for many more years." - Cameron

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Capacity/ Packability

"I’ve had this No. 3 bag for about a year and I travel all over the US for work, so this bag has seen at least a couple airports a week and countless miles bouncing around a car or on my shoulder for this past year with constant loading and unloading. I am not easy on it by any means, and even check it occasionally. It has been pushed/dragged across the floor, and overstuffed more times than I can count, but shows no wear. Not even a broken stitch by the zipper when stuffed with way more clothes than I thought possible. It always surprises me how much more you can stuff into this bag and still zip it up no problem. This is truly a buy-it-for-life product and I look forward to purchasing other sizes, because I know I will probably never need to replace this one." - JP

"I have been using the No. 1.5 BAD BAG for about three years now almost daily as a gym bag and as an overnight bag. The bag holds far more than you would guess just looking at it. It is at home in the trunk of my car, under an airline seat or overhead bin on the smallest commercial aircraft or below deck on a boat." - Richard

Great Value 

"Just received the No. 3 and the Micro that I got my dad for Christmas. More than I expected! These duffels are by far the best bags in our collection of luggage. Our collection is small, we only buy the best, and these certainly qualify. Your pricing is spot-on, making BAD BAGS the best value of USA-made bags (or any country of manufacture) I have found. USA-made and the price are very important. There are many USA-made bags that are on my list, and they stay there due to being overpriced. With BAD BAGS, I can stop dreaming and start buying. Keep doing what you are doing and you will be my source for gifts for all occasions. Who doesn't need a top-of-the-line duffel bag? No one, that's who. One-stop gift shop! Yeah, get it! Look forward to more orders from me. Thanks!" - TW

"I got my BAD BAG the day before my trip so I got to use it. When I opened it, the quality was amazing! Better than I expected for the price. It held everything I needed for a week camping trip. (Originally I bought it for carry-on international travel) I just got back! I am going to use this for all my traveling! I love getting the chance to buy American so I was pleased that the product was perfect for all my needs. I can't wait to buy more. Seriously, this is the brand that I will promote and buy probably my entire life. I want to get everyone I know a BAD BAG! - Rachelle

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